Friday, January 11, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (January 11,2008) – According to a professor of the Sarajevo Faculty of Economics, it is not reasonable to expect the global energy market to stabilize before 2009, due to a number of reasons. While some European countries have already adjusted their energy policies to reduce their dependency on energy imports, the problem of Bosnia is not so much her reliance on imports, as much as the inexistence of alternative supply routes, and the lack of oil market mechanisms, so Bosnia is currently subordinated to the interests of other countries.

Situations with oil and gas are similar. However, Bosnia’s potential lies in alternative energy sources, and since the EU is supporting this type of energy generation, it is a development opportunity for the country, professor Azra Hadziahmetovic said, pointing out that Bosnia is the only country in the Southeastern Europe capable of producing more energy than it can consume. At the same time, there is no national energy strategy adopted by the Bosnian government.

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