Wednesday, January 9, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (January 9,2007) - On 7th December 2007, EUFOR Spanish Major Manuel Garcia was evacuated from Camp Butmir to the University Hospital in Sarajevo after suffering chest pains. This was diagnosed later as a heart attack and his condition was assessed to be very serious and at one stage critical,the European Union Force in Bosnia [EUFOR) said yesterday at a press conference in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.

Major Garcia was attended to at the University Hospital in Sarajevo by a highly qualified specialist team led by Doctor Mirsad Kacila.He was in intensive care until his condition stabilised. On 27th December he was diagnosed as being well enough to travel home to Spain and on 29th December he was transferred to a military hospital in Madrid where he continues to make good progress,the EUFOR said.

The EUFOR medical teams were extremely impressed with the care provided by the University Hospital in Sarajevo and indeed commented on the level of sophistication of treatment given by Doctor Mirsad Kacila and his team. Because of Doctor Mirsad Kacila’s skill it is doubted if Major Garcia would have survived in any other environment,the EUFOR stated.

The EUFOR Commander, Major General Ignacio Villalaín will visit the University Hospital tomorrow to personally thank Doctor Mirsad Kacila and his team for efforts made in the saving of Major Garcia’s life,the EUFOR announced.

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