Wednesday, January 30, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (January 30,2008) – The Bosnian Council of Ministers, at proposal of the Bosnian Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, adopted the Information on Annex 7 Strategy Realization. The document presents all important data on situation in the sector of return in Bosnia.

Keeping in mind that the process has not been completed, the Bosnian Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees in cooperation with all the relevant domestic institutions made Annex 7 of the Dayton Agreement Implementation Strategy Action Plan Revision, Minister Safet Halilovic’s Cabinet announced.

According to the Ministry’s data, about 1.025.000 displaced Bosnian citizens have returned to Bosnia. Out of that number, 442.000 are refugees and 583.000 are displaced persons.Out of that number, about 750.000 persons returned to the FBIH entity and about 255.000 persons have returned to the RS entity, 21.000 persons returned to the Brcko District. Property has almost completely been returned to the pre-war owners.

According to the Bosnian Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees’ data, about 452.000 apartment facilities were destroyed during the 1992-1995 Serbian,Montenegrin and Croatian aggressions against Bosnia, About 260.000 apartment facilities were restored by the end of 2005. The level of reconstruction of apartment funds has reached the amount of about 60 per cent. Most of the apartments have been reconstructed in the FBIH entity (66,7 per cent), Brcko District (46,3 per cent) and the lowest reconstruction rate is in the RS entity (about 40 per cent).

In the process of re-registration of the displaced persons in 2005, at the public call made by the Bosnian Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, 61.211 family demands for revision of status were filed and that means 188.307 persons. Status of displaced persons was confirmed for 44.155 families, which means 135.500 persons.

The current data submitted by the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees on potential users of help for reconstruction of apartment units state that 39.547 families, that is, 134.202 persons may claim that right. That means that about 40.000 families want to return to their homes and that 600 million Bosnian Marks is necessary for reconstruction of their homes.

The Bosnian Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees emphasized that these families need to be provided with, apart from homes, conditions for sustainable return (employment, health and social protection, education). It has been estimated that 400 million Bosnian Marks is necessary for that.

It has also been emphasized that the revision of Annex 7 Implementation Strategy will contain the newest data on the situation in the return sector. The data will be presented to all the relevant institutions and the Bosnian public.

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