Thursday, September 13, 2007


BUDAPEST, Hungary (September 13,2007) – The Bosnian Prime Minister Nikola Spiric had a meeting in Budapest with the Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány. They talked about the intensification of cooperation between the two countries.

”Hungary is one of the countries we closely cooperate with. As far as economic cooperation is concerned, I can say we have made a significant progress”. Spiric said.

They also considered a possibility of opening charter flights between Mostar and Budapest during the tourist season. They talked about modalities of promotion of cooperation in the sectors of agriculture and tourism.

Spiric thanked for the assistance Hungary provided for Bosnia, especially for the presence of the Hungarian peacekeepers in Bosnia. He also emphasized hope that Hungary will facilitate the visa regime towards Bosnia.

Gyurscsany expressed hope that Bosnia will overcome difficulties in the reform processes and that the country will make a progress in the EU integration processes. He emphasized the significance of signing the SAA agreement, which is a precondition for association to the EU.

Spiric and Gyurcsány signed Agreement on Implementation of Frame Program for Financial Cooperation. Three projects are to be realized by the agreement: Tuzla Municipality Water Supply – 5.800.000 EUR; Tuzla Municipality Waste Waters Management - 8.500.000 EUR and Citluk Municipality Water and Waste Water Management - 1.500.000 EUR.

The Bosnian Prime Minister also had a meeting with the Hungarian President and the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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Sandra said...

Anyone knows the exact procedure Bosnians have to go through to gain visa to Hungary? What documents do they need?