Monday, December 24, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 24,2007) – The increase of gross income per capita in the FBiH Entity was 8,1 per cent.This was stated by the FBiH Entity Prime Minister Nedzad Brankovic at a traditional holiday reception in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.

According to the data presented by Brankovic, production has also increased from 10,2 per cent and export from 19,8 per cent. Export/import balance was 45 per cent.

Brankovic added that the number of the persons employed in the FBiH Entity reached 475.875. That means that the number increased per 21 per cent. The average salary now reached 655 Bosnian Marks, which means that it is per 9,4 pre cent higher. The average pension is now per 18,69 per cent higher. The number of registered companies increased per 4,8 per cent.

Inflation rate was 1,9 per cent. Living expenses grew per 1,2 per cent.

Brankovic added that the FBiH Entity Government passed 57 drafts and bills of laws, 45 decrees, 27 decisions, 23 reports and information and 13 opinions, six nomination proposals, two programs and one policy of activities, two budgets and two budget rebalances, as well as one working program.

He also said that in 2007, construction of section of highway, 8 kilometres long, will be completed. The Visoko – Kresevo gas network is in the process of construction. Direct taxation reform in the war veterans’ sector started. 250 schools were r3econstructed, 600 PhDs have been funded. Collective agreement for health sector was passed. Law on Development Bank was passed and 300 million Bosnian Marks was ensured for construction of the Tuzla – Sarajevo highway. The Neum Marine Construction Project is in development.

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