Monday, December 10, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 10,2007) – President of the European Peoples’ Party – European Democrats (EPP – ED) Caucus in the European Parliament Joseph Daul urged the Bosnian authorities to intensify activities on implementing necessary reform and to fully use the opportunity provided by the initialling of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union.

Daul told a press conference in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo that the initialling of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between Bosnia and the European Union has confirmed the EU perspective of Bosnia and that it has created conditions for overcoming the political crisis and impasse in reforms.

European Parliament’s Delegation for the Southeastern Europe Chair Doris Pack underlined the need for creating perspectives for young people in the region similar to those in developed European countries, especially in the education system.

Pack welcomed the signing of the Visa Regime Facilitation Agreement between Bosnia and the EU.

She also underlined the importance of constitutional and police reform in Bosnia. Pack said that the broadest possible circle of people should be included in these issues and urged politicians in Bosnia not to deal only with high political issues, but also with the daily problems of the Bosnian citizens.

European Peoples’ Party President Wilfred Martens announced the upcoming summit of heads of governments and parties prior to the session of the European Council, at which the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) President Sulejman Tihic will represent Bosnia.

He reminded that SDA, HDZBiH, HDZ1990 and PDP are members of the family of European peoples’ parties and expressed confidence that the upcoming summit will contribute to peace, stability and prosperity of the region in general.

Participants in this two-day meeting in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo sent a firm message to Bosnia and the region of the Southeastern Europe that the strongest caucus in the European Parliament wishes to see them join the family of European countries.

Representatives of Bosnia's political parties, as well as representatives of several UN offices in Bosnia and the region and numerous other domestic and international officials attended the session of the EPP – ED Board in Sarajevo.

The European People's Party is the largest transnational European political party. Founded in 1976, the EPP has 72 member-parties from 39 countries, 10 EU and 6 non-EU heads of government, 9 European Commissioners (including the President), and the largest group in the European Parliament with 278 members.

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