Wednesday, December 12, 2007


BRUSSELS, Belgium (December 12,2007) - EU Foreign Affairs Ministers yesterday welcomed the latest positive developments in Bosnia, including the renewed commitment to police reform.

However, they also reiterated their concern over the political situation in Bosnia and slowdown in reform process over the last year.

EU Foreign Ministers said that it is the responsibility of the political leaders to ensure the full functioning of the Bosnian state institutions and to advance reforms which are essential for Bosnia to move forward and assume full ownership of its governance.

The key message for Bosnia's leaders is that EU Foreign Ministers are ready to sign a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with Bosnia as soon as the four conditions are met. This includes police reform that meets the three EU principles as is set out in the Mostar Declaration and Action Plan on Police Reform, the completion of the public broadcast service reform, cooperation with ICTY and public administration reform.

In this regard today’s meeting organized by the leaders of the parties that make up the governing coalition is of real importance.

Practice has shown that when parliamentary party leaders sit down in the right forum to talk about concrete reforms a positive outcome is possible.

The International Community's High Representative and EU Special Representative in Bosnia welcomed these meetings as a structured mechanism by all coalition partners to co-ordinate their reform efforts, and find a compromise to secure a common view and a shared interest.

These meetings provide a vehicle for Bosnia’s political leaders to rebuild public confidence and generate a positive political atmosphere. Importantly, they present a real opportunity to address the requirements for EU integration.

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