Wednesday, December 19, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 19,2007) - Two important laws have been adopted in the educational sector this year at the state level. Both of these laws opened the way to institutional changes in the sector, OSCE Mission to Bosnia officials stated, commenting the educational reform in Bosnia in 2007.

The two laws concerned are Law on Agency for Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education and the Higher Education Frame Law.

Deputy Head of OSCE Department for Education Valerie Perry stated in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo that passing of these laws is only the first step, for implementation of these laws is necessary.

She added that one of the challenges in the following year is determining the issue of role, actions and constitution of the school boards. OSCE conducted a research on the topic which showed that the greatest concern is political interference in the issue of election of members of the school boards and their functioning.

Perry stated that one of the main goals of the OSCE mission is to keep talking to the Bosnian authorities for the purpose of creating a clear image on what the board members are to do. Training of the school boards members is of the essence.

OSCE will also keep dealing with the issue of enrolment areas.

She added that there is a positive example in the Brcko district where pupils of different nationalities spend time together in classrooms. Nobody loses identity in the process.

OSCE will, in the following year, bring teachers, professors, pedagogical employees and other experts to the Brcko district in order for them to see the ways of functioning of schools. Although the Brcko District is a positive example, it also clearly shows that one nationality schools cannot be the only way of solving the issues in the country.

OSCE warns of the problem of lack of education in certain categories of population like Roma people, girls from poor families, children living in remote areas and children with special needs.

As announced, OSCE will continue working with educational inspectors in the following year, as well as with pedagogical institutes and agency for education that is to be formed for the purpose of improving the Bosnian educational system.

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