Tuesday, December 11, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 11,2007) – Cooperation between the countries of the region and overcoming the past are preconditions of peace, stability and prosperity in the Southeastern Europe. This was stated by a member of the European Parliament and President of the European Parliament for the Southeastern Europe Doris Pack.

Pack is of the opinion that it is of the outmost importance for the regional countries to keep their dignity and regional identity. That is only possible by their association to the EU. She stated that there is no dominant culture in the European Union and that it is a whole made up of different identities.

For her, joint efforts in ensuring a better future are preconditions of regional cooperation. That includes cooperation between different political parties.

She emphasized that corruption is one of the main obstacles to the regional development. She stated that many different sectors are corrupt, like educational, health and police. The privatization processes are also fertile grounds for corruption. One of the ways to overcome that problem is to ensure good salaries for the employees of those sectors.

She is of the opinion that managing the state borders is an issue solved a long time ago, That is important for the EU, as well as for visa regime facilitation processes.

She added that preserving human resources in the key civic sector fields is needed, especially in the sense of involving and employing young people. Efficient regional cooperation will greatly contribute their decision to stay in their countries. The Bologna Process will open space for exchange of students and other young people, which would make them a part of the EU student standards.

Pack added that Bosnia should be proud of its tourist capacities, which need to be improved constantly.

”You need to try and get rid of the past. We do not live in Middle Ages. We live in modern times. I will advocate future and the people who need to be given equal chances, regardless of their national and other determination. Geographically, you are the very heart of Europe. Your way is the European Union”, Pack emphasized.

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