Friday, December 28, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 28,2007) – The Textile, Leather, Shoe Ware and Rubber Industry Union Main Board held a session on the occasion of marking the Textile Industry Employees Day. On that occasion, President of the Union Ferdija Kojcic and the FBIH Entity Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Vahid Heco and Mehmed Corhodzic, representing the employers signed Collective Agreement on Rights and Obligations of employees in the sector in the FBIH entity.

President of the Union Ferdija Kojcic emphasized that the main importance of the Agreement is the price of hourly wage of 1,75 Bosnian Marks, which means that a minimal wage will be 308 Bosnian Marks.

Heco emphasized that the FBIH entity government will, apart from the obligations defined by the Collective Agreement, try to help this industrial sector through adoption of certain laws.

Signing ceremony was attended by President of the Bosnian Independent Union of workers Edhem Biber and presidents of department unions.

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