Sunday, December 16, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 16,2007) - The British ambassador to Bosnia Matthew Rycroft has started posting his impressions on life in the country on an internet blog in the Bosnian language.

“I have been living in Bosnia for almost three years and I work as the British Ambassador…I have friends from all over Bosnia, from different spheres of life, and friends who are diplomats like I myself.”

This is the first post for a blog called “Ambassador's diary” ("Ambasadorov dnevnik" in Bosnian) who’s author is Matthew Rycroft, the British Ambassador to Bosnia.

Unlike other blogs in Bosnia, the arrival of this one was announced from the British embassy’s press office with a statement from the Ambassador Rycroft saying that he had started his blog as a way not just of presenting his impressions about diplomatic experience in the country but also as a way of interacting with the Bosnian citizens.

“This blog will be the place for me to express some of my impressions, thoughts and observations about Bosnia, Europe and the global future in general…the world was never as connected as it is now”, concludes the Ambassador in the first post on his blog.

After only couple of hours more than 40 comments had been posted. Most of them were just saying “welcome”, but some offered more concrete ideas like “visit us for coffee, rahatlokum and baklava” or even “you should open a contest for the best comment and offer a UK passport to the winner of the contest” or saying “dear Matthew, looks like you had too much cevapi and water from Bascarsiha” or "it would be great if Milorad Dodik (leader of the Serbians living in Bosnia) would start a blog about his life in Bosnia".

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