Thursday, December 20, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 20,2007) – Bosnia has received a unique state sign E-7 adopted at the World Radio-communications Conference WRC-2007 in Geneva in November.The Bosnian Traffic and Telecommunications Minister Bozo Ljubic told a press conference in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo that based on an initiative launched by this ministry in June/July, the former international symbol for Bosnia T-9 has been changed into E-7, which has ensured the identical marking of radio frequencies in the entire Bosnia, river and seafaring vessels and aircraft.

This guarantees Bosnia the right to using a radio spectrum in accordance with its needs and interests without violating the frequency resources of other countries.

Minister Ljubic underlined the importance of the adoption of a single state symbol and the establishment of a common association of radio amateurs, which should ensure a reserve radio connection for the event of natural disasters. This is one of the conditions for joining the European Security Reporting System (System 112).

“The Ministry of Communication and Traffic will ensure donations in order to ensure the establishment of main radio relay routes in the entire country which will be made available to the roof organisation of radio amateurs in Bosnia”, Ljubic said.

He also said that the adoption of the new state sign contributes to integration at the state level and a further step towards joining European structures.

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