Friday, December 7, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 7,2007) – The Austrian Minister of European and Foreign Affairs Ursula Plassnik welcomed the initialing of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) between Bosnia and the European Union. She stated that it is a joyful improvement of relations between the EU and the West Balkan countries.

”The EU has now entered the zone of agreement with all the Balkan countries. That is a decisive progress in the process of the region’s adjustments to the EU standards. In order to formally sign the agreement, politicians will need to put in effort in the implementation of reforms. A new élan needs to be brought in to the year of 2008. Then we will have the unbreakable contract-based liaison between the EU countries and the West Balkan countries,” she said.

Police Reform Implementation Action Plan is an encouraging sign showing that the leading political forces in Bosnia have not lost the EU future of their state from site, Plassnik said.

”Strengthening of the Bosnian state authority is a necessary pillar in the process of the country’s association to the EU. Strengthening of all the state structures is not by its own means a purpose. Fulfilling the police reform demands will lead to profit of the Bosnian citizens. Efficient police organs serve primarily and above all to the citizens," she said

"The European Union will keep its promise: if all the conditions are fulfilled, all the Blakan countries will become members of the Union. We know that the way to the EU is not simple. Austria will, as a friend and as a partner keep monitoring its neighboring region and will continue supporting it. Process of unification of Europe will not be complete without the Balkan countries”, Austrian Embassy to Bosnia announced.

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