Sunday, November 18, 2007


LJUBLJANA, Slovenia (November 18,2007) - Slovenia, which is to take-over the rotating EU presidency in January 2008, pressed ahead with plans to draw up a common EU position on the Balkans, Kosovo's daily Koha Ditore said.The paper quotes Borut Grgic, director of Ljubljana-based Institute for Strategic Studies, as saying that Slovenia will try to build a common policy on Bosnia,Macedonia,Kosovo and Serbia.

Grgic said the plan is likely to be similar with the U.S. Marshall Plan for Western Europe following the World War II, adding that now it's time to set up foundations of such plan, to secure the needed funds and resources, otherwise the crisis might deepen if the European Union continues with slow moves regarding the Southeastern Europe.

A prerequisite of all prerequisites is to resolve the Kosovo's status, and at the same time the problems in Bosnia and in Macedonia, because "Slovenia sees the Balkans as one package and the European Union shouldn't practice a partial approach.

This means Kosovo to become independent,Macedonia should be helped to overcome internal turmoil, Bosnia should be assisted to join the European Union through the new constitution and ending Bosnia’s internal divisions through elimination of its two entities,and Serbia should be also assisted to join the EU, Grgic said.

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