Friday, November 16, 2007


BRUSSELS, Belgium (November 16,2007) - Serbia will not be able to sign a pre-accession agreement with the European Union if it continues interfering in Bosnia's internal affairs, Olli Rehn, the European commissioner in charge of enlargement, stated yesterday in Brussels.

The EU Commissioner Rehn also urged Bosnia’s politicians not to listen to the “siren calls from Belgrade or Moscow”.

The warning came less than a week after Rehn and Serbia's President Tadic put their initials to a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA), seen as a first step on the road to eventual EU membership.

Rehn said In an interview that he had conveyed the message to Tadic the previous Wednesday (7 November).

“We have made it clear that we expect that Serbia will not interfere in the domestic politics of Bosnia,” Rehn said.

Public attention has focused on another condition Serbia must fulfil before it can sign the SAA, full co-operation with the UN’s war crimes tribunal in The Hague. This demands “concrete steps” to apprehend Serbian war criminals who are currently living in Serbia, above all former commander of the genocidal paramilitary formations of the Serbians living in Bosnia (VRS),Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic, and to transfer them to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

Serbia's Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica is a close ally of the prime minister of the genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia (RS),Milorad Dodik, and has supported Dodik’s refusal to agree to a reform of Bosnia’s ethnically fragmented police, which is a precondition for Bosnia to sign the Stabilisation and Association Agreement(SAA) with the European Union.

Rehn has been strongly criticised by the Bosnian officials over his decision to initial Serbia’s SAA while holding off on Bosnia’s.

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Srebrenica Massacre Editor said...

Serbia's interference into Bosnian internal affairs is concerning. It seems to me that Serbia still cannot comprehend that Kosovo will never be part of Serbia again. Furthermore, Republika Srpska will never, ever, be part of Serbia. Untill they realize they have lost in all conflicts and all grounds, I don't think there will be any progress in Serbia.