Monday, November 5, 2007


BELGRADE, Serbia (October 5,2007) - Serbia’s Prime Minister, Vojislav Kostunica, has suggested that his country will try to force the break-up of Bosnia if plans were pursued for the independence of Kosovo.

“Preserving Kosovo and (the genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia) "the RS" are now the most important goals of our state and national policy,” Serbia's Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said, before talks in Vienna today on the status of Kosovo.

Leaders of Serbia and Kosovo's 90-percent ethnic Albanian majority will hold direct talks in the Austrian capital today, with barely a month to go before international mediators report back to the United Nations.

Talks began in August, but there is no deal in sight.

Kosovo has said it will declare independence with or without a deal,but it has shied away from setting a date until it gets the green light from the United States and its major allies in the European Union.


Anonymous said...

Is Bosnia News attempting to get the Bosnians enraged again. Do they not realize that articles like this can bring out passion in naive ones and lead to the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of people?

Ravnatelj said...

Nope.Bosnia News is just presenting The Truth.

Anonymous said...

The genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia? Is this news service not a little hateful of the RS? Understandably so but should not print comments like that every time you refer to Serbs. I enjoy reading the stories but all Serbs are not " the genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia". Write fair stories and leave out the insults and it would be more readable.

Anonymous said...

As a non Bosnian all I can say is that when I read inflamatory phrases such as “the genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia" it only serves to demonstrate a singular lack of intelect whilst writing and a clear example of facism, and by the way there is Islamic facism. You are supporting the Islamic view rather than the holistic Bosnian (Serb, Croat, Bosniak) view? Bosnia News is not presenting Truth. Its presenting a perverted slant in order to wind people up. Thank God you are on the internet as no civilised culture would tolerate this in print. I look forward to a reply that shows integrity, humility and balance. Mind you ......

Ravnatelj said...

Well,If any news service can be considered hateful of the Third Reich,than this one IS hateful of the RS.Nothing can present the Third Reich as something positive nor can it be done about the RS.It's impossible.

By the way,an Islamic point of view is a perfect point of view ...and Bosnia News prefers a perfect point of view to any other,so we'll take that as a compliment!

When you finally educate yourself enough about Islam,you'll know what I am talking about here - not before that!

Also,nobody said here that all Serbs are " the genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia". Where have you read that?

Serbia was called "genocidal" because the Serbian state committed genocide in Bosnia,together with the Serbians living in Bosnia,and Serbia is still supporting the genocidal creature in Bosnia "the RS"...not to mention that it is actively supporting Serbian fascists (chetniks),who committed genocide against Bosnians during the WWII ,by providing pensions for them,paying them for genocide they committed.

So,all stories here are presented thruthfully,and that is the only way to report fairly and to report accurately - there is no other way.

The RS IS a genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia.That is simply a fact.It was created through genocide (mass murders,torture,concentration camps,rape,expulsion..etc.)Hundreds of mass graves and hundreds of thousands of Bosnians and others (including myself) witnessed its creation in person and that is The Thruth.Only Serbian and other fascists can see it "differently"...and you are obviosly one of them.Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

What would you think of someone who would say that the Third Reich was not a genocidal German creature?Please answer on this question?

So,do you really think that calling the Third Reich "the genocidal German creature" IS INFLAMATORY or is it simply a historical fact?????????Are you out of your mind,or something?

Do you really think that such a statement(of a simple historical fact) "only serves to demonstrate a singular lack of intelect whilst writing and a clear example of facism"????????You ARE really out of your mind.

You are obviosly afraid of the Truth.Don't be.Face The Truth.The truth shall set you free...

How could anyone in his/her right mind insist on defending a genocidal creature such as the Third Reich ...or the RS?Only a fascist can do that,and you are obviosly a fascist.Shame on you!!!

Bosnia News will never present anything that will "respect" any fascist or fascism in any way.Don't even think about it.

And you are telling us that "there is Islamic fascism"???WOW.Who told you?The Leader of "the Savage Nation" - Michael Savage or a brainless fascist propaganda clown Sean Hannity? LOOOOOOL

You obviosly do not know nothing about Islam,and I feel very sorry for you.

Term "islamic fascism" is an oxymoron,because it implies that Islam promotes fascism,which is an insult and nothing else.

That shows me that,besides being a fascist, you are also a totally uncivilised person with no respect for Islam as a religion.Shame on you!You are a disgrace of the human kind.And,I must warn you,if you try to insult my religion again,you'll be banned from posting comments here,forever!Keep that in mind.

Jasminka said...

The day that you lose almost all of your family to the f***ing serbs, is the day that you can defend them without being an ignorant piece of sh**.

serbs are the living creatures that are just taking up air and space from people that deserve it.

they raped little girls....i saw it happen. they smashed the heads of little babies in front of their mothers. they tortured men like they were animals.

how dare anyone defend them.

long live bosnia. <3