Wednesday, November 14, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (November 14,2007) – The Bosnian Presidency requested the Bosnian Council of Ministers and the Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to review their decision and approval allowing Croatian citizens to vote in Bosnia, to harmonise them with the Law and to respect the defined procedures, since the deadlines and procedures defined by the Law on conditions under which citizens of other countries can vote in Bosnia have not been respected, as Croatia delivered only on October 26 2007 the list of locations for which it seeks approval.

The Bosnian Presidency unanimously adopted this conclusion at a regular session in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.

The Bosnian Presidency held a regular session under the chairmanship of the Bosnian President Zeljko Komsic.

The Bosnian Presidency also accepted the invitation for participation in the IV meeting of the Regional Economic Forum for the Southeastern Europe in Dubrovnik,Croatia, on November 22-23. It also gave approval for the appointment of the Cuban Ambassador to Bosnia Soraya Elena Alvarez Nunez and Romanian Ambassador to Bosnia Daniel Banu.

The Bosnian Presidency concluded to seek an opinion from the Commission for the Preservation of National Monuments concerning the report of UNESCO experts for world heritage on the area surrounding the Old Bridge and the Old Town in the southern Bosnian city of Mostar.

The Bosnian Presidency also accepted the financial report of the Bosnian Central Bank covering the period ending with September 30,2007.

The Bosnian Presidency also adopted Decisions on starting the procedure for conducting negotiations on reaching a series of international agreements.

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