Thursday, November 8, 2007


WASHINGTON, USA (November 8,2007) – A member of the Bosnian Presidency Haris Silajdzic met with several U.S. congressmen and senators in the first 2 days of his visit to the United States. He talked with them about the current political situation in Bosnia and the region. Silajdzic met with congressmen Jim McDermott and Russ Carnahan, and emphasized the importance of the role of the United States in the process of Dayton Agreement implementation and Bosnia's reform processes.

Commenting the European Commission’s decision to initial the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with Serbia, Bosnian Presidency member Haris Silajdzic said he hoped that the official Serbia will not see this as a reward for the role in aggression against Bosnia, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, confirmed by the International Court of Justice, as well as a reward for ignoring the Court.

Silajdzic’s Cabinet announced that the Agreement is to serve Serbia to behave in accordance with the European standards, especially in accordance with its international and legal obligations towards Bosnia.

He added that Serbia's constant interference into the Bosnia’s internal policy matters needs to stop. The International Community warned against that several days ago by several ambassadors’ demarche.

The announcement further states that the European Commission’s decision to initial the SAA with Serbia needs to be seen as a part of the events that are Kosovo-related.

Keeping in mind these events, we expect that the European Commission will show good will towards Bosnia.The kind of a good will the EC has shown towards Serbia in relation to fulfillment of their obligations, Silajdzic’s Cabinet announced.

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