Tuesday, October 2, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 2,2007) – The SBIH Party’s Assembly supported at an emergency session the party’s leader Haris Silajdzic who signed in Sarajevo a protocol on police reform in Bosnia.

The document was later submitted to the International Community's High Representative in Bosnia.

Silajdzic arrived to the emergency session after the signing and told the press that the issue of the survival of the police of the genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia "the RS" has not been defined by the protocol and that the issue will be discussed later.

The Party for Bosnia (SBIH) Assembly fully supported Haris Silajdzic and his efforts in police reform and constitutional reform processes in Bosnia.

The Assembly supported the continuation of the police reform negotiations and the protocol that has been signed.

Silajdzic presented the SBiH Party delegates with the protocol contents. Beriz Belkic, the party’s high official stated that Silajdzic has shown that he is ready to make compromise.

Silajdzic emphasized that the part of the protocol focusing on national balance of the police forces is based upon the 1991 census.

”There are certain issues that have not been agreed upon. He added that the Bosnian police forces’ multiethnic structure pleases him.

A multiethnic police will guarantee the Bosnian citizens’ safety,Silajdzic concluded.

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