Monday, October 22, 2007


MOSCOW, Russia (October 22,2007) – Economic relations between Bosnia and Russia need to be accompanied in the future with political relations of the same quality, which need to be intensified, especially in light of the increasing presence of the Russian economy in the Southeastern Europe.

This was concluded in Moscow during talks held as part of an official working visit to Russia by a delegation of the Bosnian House of Representatives’ Commission for Foreign Affairs. The Bosnian delegation met with Russian Duma Deputy Speaker Valentin Aleksandrovic Kupcov, the Bosnian Parliament stated.

Bosnian businessmen have had a traditional presence at the market of the former USSR and now Russia, and quality of their presence still represents a basis for future ties and the establishment of new contacts.

During talks with members of the Russian Duma’s Committee for International Affairs, the Group of Friendship between the Russian Duma and the Bosnian Parliament,the Russian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Aleksandar Gruskov expressed especial interest in the current situation in Bosnia.

The two sides stressed the need to signing interstate agreement on avoiding double taxation, road, air and river traffic and other agreement of importance for economic cooperation.

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