Monday, October 1, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 1,2007) – The Bosnian-Croatian Peasants’ Party (HSS BIH) and the New Croatian Initiative (NHI) will act in future as a unified political subject at the Bosnian political scene. The new party’s name will be “HSSBiH-NHI”.

Decision on unification of the two politically related parties was passed yesterday at the Unification Convention held in Sarajevo.

Marko Tadic, President of the HSS BiH has been elected president of the new party. Kresimir Zubak, President of the NHI party has been elected President of the Main Board of the HSSBiH – NHI.

Main Board of the party consisting of 72 members was elected, as well as the party’s presidency.

HSSBiH-NHI will adopt the statute, political platform and other necessary decisions at the party’s convention.

President of the HSSBiH-NHI Marko Tadic emphasized that the party is facing many obligations, especially in the light of the upcoming constitutional reforms in Bosnia.

He emphasized that the adoption of the Kresevo Declaration has been a positive contribution to the Bosnian constitutional processes for it clearly emphasized the attitude of the political parties of the Croatians living in Bosnia regarding the issue.

Tadic said that one of the biggest tasks of the new party will be the candidacy at the following elections. He expressed expectation that the HSSBiH-NHI will be the strongest or one of the two strongest Croat parties at the elections.

Kresimir Zubak was of the similar opinion. He emphasized the necessity of stopping the treng of marginalization of Croats in the decision making processes in Bosnia.

He added that the integration of the two parties will contribute the affirmation of the interests of Croatians living in Bosnia.

He expressed conviction that the party will have a positive reception at the Bosnian political stage.

Heads of the HSSBiH-NHI party believe that others will follow their example and that the fact that there are 18 Croat parties in Bosnia for 150.000 voters is absurd.

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