Wednesday, October 17, 2007


SREBRENICA, Bosnia (October 17,2007) - A group of Dutch soldiers arrived yesterday in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica where had been stationed at the time when genocide was committed by the Serbian aggressor in July 1995.

The visit by the 12 Dutch soldiers, who served with UN troops in Bosnian during the 1992-1995 Serbian,Montenegrin and Croatian aggressions against Bosnia, accompanied by their spouses and friends, was organized by the Dutch Kamp Westerbork Memorial Centre and the Pax Christi organization.

It is believed to be the first ever visit of former Dutch troops to the Srebrenica area.During the three-day visit, the group plans to visit numerous sites, including their former positions, as well as places where the Srebrenica genocide occurred and the Genocide Memorial Centre in Potocari near Srebrenica.

The genocidal Serbian aggressor maurdered up to 10,000 Bosnian men and boys after capturing the former eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica on July 11, 1995.

At the time of the genocide Srebrenica was under UN protection as a UN safe zone, with some 450 Dutch troops deployed to protect the local Bosnian civilian population,but they refused to do so.

In July 1995, when the genocidal Serbian aggressor started operations to capture Srebrenica, Dutch troops withdrew from the area, leaving the local Bosnian population unprotected.

Dutch UN troops actually helped the Serbian aggressor commit genocide against Bosnians in Srebrenica.Dutch UN soldiers were deployed to protect the local Bosnian civilian population from the genocidal Serbian aggressor,but they refused to let the Bosnian civilians into the UN compound near Srebrenica when they came seeking help.

Besides visiting different locations in Srebrenica, Dutch soldiers were also scheduled to meet with the genocide survivors, including the representatives of the Association of Srebrenica Mothers.

But,some members of the Association of Srebrenica Mothers told Bosnian media they will not meet with the Dutch soldiers, especially if some of them were actually there at the time of the genocide.

Nine of the 12 Dutch soldiers were deployed in Srebrenica from January to July 1995.


Anonymous said...

What happened in Srbrenica is horrible, that's for sure.
But I think it's a shame the way the Dutch are portraited here!
These soldiers were left alone by NATO,NO one came to there aid when requested...
They could never have done anything just by themselves. Where was the rest of the world when it happened? Everybody stood by and watched, but no one dared to do anything, it's way to easy to blame these soldiers, most of them are still troubled now, 12 years after !
We are ALL responsible for this horrible event. We ALL should have stepped up....

Ravnatelj said...

The Dutch soldiers were not the only ones who are responsible for genocide in Srebrenica,but they are responsible.No doubt about that.

The Duch soldiers directly participated in disarming Srebrenica's defenders,they were there also TO PROTECT BOSNIAN CIVILIANS who counted on them...and they did absolutely nothing about it.They were the foot soldiers of this crime.That's a real shame my friend.

They,themselves,PERSONALLY,"prepared the ground" for genocide to take place.The Dutch soldiers were DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN THE GENOCIDE IN SREBRENICA.I'm sorry but that is the truth.

And,it doesn't matter that those who were giving them orders are guilty of the same crime as well...they just played a different role...that is not an excuse...there is no excuse.

Dražen Erdemović,(a Croatian who served in the genocidal Serbian aggressor's formations)participated, as part of a firing squad, in the shooting and killing of hundreds of. unarmed Bosnian men from Srebrenica...he was also "just following orders" to do what he did.He was also "very sorry,he said he couldn't sleep at night,he had nightmares,etc.",but he was still tried by the ICTY,and found guilty.

Former Dutch UN soldiers have to be tried as well.Some of them are now in Bosnia again...

I think this is a great opportunity fot the Bosnian authorities to arrest them finally and try them before the Bosnian State Court.

Anonymous said...

Dutch "soldiers" are responsible...
no doubt about that...
when you disarming those people that is a mision.
but when you dont protect unarmed people is that no mision?
you can not explain that to the international comunity.
you were a soldier there,your duty was to protect those unarmed people that's it.if you wouldnt protect those people ,why did you accept that duty?
shame on you....

Anonymous said...

Would any other nations soldiers have done better i wonder? One that had more empathy towards the muslim population? I think so.

I also wonder as both defenders and aggressors were christian they had more of a fellow feeling followed by a lack of feeling towards the muslim population they were defending.