Tuesday, October 9, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 9,2007) – Mirsad Ahmic, another Prosecution witness at the trial of Croatian war criminal Pasko Ljubicic before the Bosnian State Court, has spoken about the happenings in Vitez in Central Bosnia after the Croatian aggressor entered the city in 1993.

The Bosnian State Prosecutor considers that Pasko Ljubicic, as a member of the Croatian aggressor's formations in 1993, "participated in and ordered the attacks on Vitez, Busovaca and the surrounding villages," where Bosnian civilians were arrested, detained in concentration camps, deported, tortured and killed.

The indictment alleges that Croatian war criminal Pasko Ljubičić had control over the "Jokers" squad.After the Croatian aggressor's soldiers entered the city, Ahmic says that he and his neighbours spent a few days in the basement and they were then taken to the ZDK building (Office of Joint Accounting).

When they arrived, they met more Bosnian civilians there. They were all temporarily held in this building. Ahmic claims that they were "not maltreated and that they received food on a regular basis", although "they were occasionally taken to digg trenches".

After he was taken to dig trenches in Rijeka village, Ahmić was also taken to another place called Kratine by the Croatian aggressor's military policemen together with a group of detained Bosnian civilians. They also dug trenches in that village.

Ahmić has said that, during his stay in Kratine, they allowed him several times to stay behind and rest because he knew a person named Ivica Vujica, "who was a member of the "Jokers". Everybody turned to him when they needed to take some action".

Ahmic has also recalled that, one day, the prisoners were lined up by a person known as Cicko who asked them if they knew how to make the sign of the cross.

"I said I knew and he ordered me to teach everybody else how to do it in the next ten minutes. If someone would not learn it in ten minutes he would be killed," Ahmic has said.

The witness has not been able to remember the exact number of persons who were taken to Kratina. He has, however, said that "many people were already there when my group arrived". They all left Kratina after members of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited the spot. The people were returned to the ZDK building in Vitez and then released.

"A few nights later, three soldiers came to my apartment and asked me to move out," Mirsad Ahmic ended his testimony.

The trial of Croatian war criminal Pasko Ljubicic before the Bosnian state Court is due to continue on 23 October.

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