Tuesday, October 30, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 30,2007) - The Bosnian Parliament’s House of Peoples did not accept at the session yesterday three proposals to the law passed by the International Community's High Representative in Bosnia, Miroslav Lajčák,on the temporary basis.

The laws are as follows: Bill Changing and Amending the Law on Criminal Procedures, Bill Changing and Amending the Law on Bosnian High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council and Bill Changing and Amending the Law on Passports and Other Travel IDs.

Delegates of the Serbians living in Bosnia opposed the adoption.

Sulejman Tihic, Deputy House of Peoples Speaker, told the press after the session that this is the first time in the history of the Bosnian Parliament that the laws proposed by the High Representative were rejected, for the Parliament is not able to change or reject the laws both formally and legal-wise.

The delegates accepted reports of the Bosnian State Commission of both the houses which aligned the frame proposal to the bill on pre-school education and bill on agency for pre-school, primary and secondary education.

Adoption of these laws was made a priority in the program of realization of the priorities proscribed by the EU partnership with Bosnia.

Delegates also adopted the report of the Bosnian State Commission which aligned the Bill on Radiation and Nuclear Safety, aimed to protect Bosnia from ionized radiation.

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