Friday, October 12, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 12, 2007) – The first meeting of the Bosnian Government’ NATO Coordination Team, which was chaired by the Bosnian Deputy Defence Minister Igor Crnadak, was held in the Bosnian Ministry of Defence in Sarajevo.

Crnadak underlined the importance of the establishment of the Coordination Team for the participation of Bosnia in the NATO’s Partnership for Peace Programme (PFP), as well as the coordination between all ministries in the Bosnian Council of Ministers concerning activities of Bosnia for accession to NATO.

Political Issues Advisor to NATO HQ Sarajevo Bruce McLane addressed the participants in the meeting. He underlined the importance of full Bosnian membership in NATO and the responsibility of the Coordinating Team for working towards that objective.

He also offered the full support of the NATO HQ Sarajevo.

The Coordination Team considered the work of the former interagency commission for NATO and PFP, as well as tasks concerning the implementation of the Seminar on the Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP), which will be held in Sarajevo on October 15-17.

The NATO Coordination Team was established in a Council of Ministers decision on September 13. Its responsibility is to coordinate all interagency activities concerning the fulfilment of obligations our country accepted by joining the Partnership for Peace, as well as conditions necessary for joining NATO.

The Bosnian Deputy Defence Minister Igor Crnadak is the Chairman of the NATO Coordination Team. the Bosnian Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister Zoran Perkovic and the Bosnian Assistant Security Minister Samir Rizvo are his deputies.

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