Sunday, October 28, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 28,2007) - "Unilateral actions of the Republic of Croatia regarding the construction of “Land–Pelješac” bridge are not contributing the good relations between Bosnia and Croatia, and they are additionally complicating the situation involving the sea border between the two countries," the press release from the Cabinet of Bosnian Presidency Member Dr Haris Silajdžić said.

Bosnia is not objecting to the Croatian sovereign right to connect parts of its territory, but it cannot be done in a manner that violates the rights and interests of Bosnia.

The Bosnian Presidency, as the only organ authorized to manage foreign policy, has clearly expressed the view of Bosnia on the issue during the session of the Interstate Council, as well as during the visit of the Croatian Prime Minister Sanader to Bosnia, and it has reiterated it during its previous session, including the fact that it is necessary to establish a sea border between the two countries before the bridge construction begins.

"The Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately forwarded the stance to the Ambassador of Croatia to Bosnia, as well as that Bosnia will preserve the right to initiate a dispute before international judicial or arbitrary bodies. The Republic of Croatia, therefore, was aware of Bosnia’s stance and the potential risks that unilateral actions might cause from the very beginning," Silajdzic said.

"The President is carefully monitoring the development of the situation and considers the problem to be of the utmost importance. The Presidency will decide on future concrete steps at its following sessions, regular or special, depending on the need and potential actions of the Republic of Croatia," Silajdzic stated.

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