Wednesday, October 24, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 24,2007) – Sponsored by the FBIH Entity Government, the 2nd International Sarajevo Stock Market (SASE) Conference began yesterday. The topic discussed is “Development of the Capital Market – Reaching the Higher Market Liquidity”.

This two-day conference was opened by the FBIH Entity Prime Minister Nedzad Brankovic, who announced that the FBIH Entity Government plans to announce a part of the privatization processes through the SASE Market.

”The efforts put in at the financial market need to be made in cooperation with the FBIH Entity Government. When one talks about the capital market, investors need to be placed in focus. Without them, there is no market”, Brankovic said.

Apart from the main topic, the conference will also focus today on the public biddings through the stock market, privatization and state capital sale. The participants will also talk about the institutional investors and the FBIH Entity Capital Market portal will be presented.

Zlatan Dedic, SASE Director, emphasized that the institution is heading upwards and that the SASE business, in the period since the last conference ended, reached the amount of 1,4 billion Bosnian Marks. He added that the market capitalization has increased per 101 per cent.

SASE Supervisory Board President Muris Cicic, addressed the conference participants and stressed that the Bosnian market capital is a vital market which can be doubled and that the stock markets can be a stimulating factor of development, provided that the political situation in the country is stabile.

”SASE is still at the start. We are not aware of all the combinations that can be made”, Cicic said.

Moderators and speakers at the conference are eminent experts in the field of market capitals from state, regulatory, stock market, investment funds and also experts in other fields of economy. They have come from all over the world and will, as announced, exchange the stock market experience from the region.

Representatives of Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana and Vienna stock markets participate.

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