Saturday, September 22, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 22,2007) – At its regular session, the Bosnian Police Steering Board, among other issues, finalized a new Terms of Reference, which should reinforce the future decision-making role of this body in relation to both operational and technical policing issues.

In addition, they also elected a new Chairperson, Goran Lujic, Chief of Brcko District Police, for a period of six months, as part of their power sharing responsibility.

The newly appointed Chairperson emphasized that ‘the focus during his tenure will be to finalize and work on the application of the new Terms of Reference.’

Tight coordination and cooperation in operational and technical policing issues is essential for the future success of police organizations in Bosnia, and this is the area where the reinforced role of the Bosnian Police Steering Board becomes crucial. Once adopted, the amended areas of work of the Bosnian Police Steering Board will among others be:

- Development of strategies and general operational plans related to the fight against organized crime, including the improvement of police/prosecution co-operation;
- Strengthening internal and external control, inspection and accountability of police in Bosnia;
- Support in the further development of the Bosnian State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA),the Bosnian Border Police and Interpol;
- Issues related to nationwide operation and support tools such as data bases forensic and training curriculum;

“As the new Terms of Reference also aim to strengthen the current board membership with the inclusion of two cantonal police commissioners, the document was forwarded to them for further consultation. Their comments are expected within the next week,” explained Lujic.

“Following its adoption, work will then commence on establishing relevant processes and procedures at the Bosnian state level, which are urgently required to resolve the joint operational problems currently being faced by the police organisations. The greatest step forward will be made when the true application of these new competencies start at the Bosnian state level,” concluded Lujić.

The Bosnian Police Steering Board comprises of the highest senior police managers representing the Bosnian State Investigation and Protection Agency - Sead Lisak, Border Police - Vinko Dumancic, FBIH Entity Police Administration - Zlatko Miletic, RS Entity Police - Uros Pena, Brcko District Police - Gojko Lujic and EU Police Mission - General Vincenzo Coppola.

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