Tuesday, September 11, 2007


BRUSSELS, Belgium (September 11,2007) – The EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Olli Rehn and the International Community's High Representative and EU Special Representative in Bosnia, Miroslav Lajcak, expressed disappointment that Bosnia has still not met all requirements for signing a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with the European Union during a bilateral meeting in Brussels yesterday.

Without an agreement on police reform in accordance with the EU's three principles, the EU will be unable to conclude a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with Bosnia,Rehn warned.

Olli Rehn reiterated his full support for the police reform proposal presented by Lajcak to Bosnia's political leaders at the end of August, stressing that it is fully in line with the three EU principles set out by the Commission. He strongly encouraged all political parties to continue to work constructively with Lajcak on the basis of his proposal and reach a comprehensive agreement without delay.

Miroslav Lajcak expressed cautious optimism over the fact that Bosnia's political leaders have provided detailed comments on his recent police reform proposal and agreed to continue negotiations in view of reaching an agreement by the end of September.

Lajcak warned that “unless Bosnia's leaders show a greater responsibility towards Bosnia and a clear readiness for comprise on police reform, it will be impossible to reach an agreement in time for the Commission report.

"The European Union is following the police reform negotiations very closely, and their outcome will be a clear indication of the political maturity of the country's leaders and their readiness to lead Bosnia towards the European Union", Lajcak said.

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