Thursday, September 6, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 6 ,2007) – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Deputy Resident Representative in Bosnia Stefan Priesner, together with representatives of the Bosnian authorities, officially marked at a press conference in Sarajevo the launch of the public awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS.

The campaign titled “Don’t Live in the Dark – Learn More! Get Tested!” will be implemented across Bosnia with the aim of raising public awareness on the threat posed by the HIV virus, as well as on the need for a systematic and coordinated response.

A TV ad with the numbers of two info-lines (033 612 661 and 051 219 054), which will give Bosnian citizens more information about AIDS, was also presented at the press conference.

Due to the fact that Bosnia is among countries with a low number of people with HIV, the focus of the campaign will be on strong prevention, but also on reducing the branding and rejection of people with HIV by the society.

Young people and those most at risk in Bosnia are the target groups of this campaign.

There are 40 million people living with AIDS in the world, including 2 million children. 4,3 million news cases were registered last year alone.

There are 133 registered persons suffering from AIDS in Bosnia, the Bosnian Assistant Civil Affairs Minister Senad Sepic told a press conference.

Social-economic insecurity, lack of information and silence can complicate the situation in countries such as Bosnia.

The campaign has been launched in partnership between UNDP, the entity ministries of health and institutes for public health thanks to a grant provided by the Global Fund for Fighting AIDS.

The program will cost 11 million Bosnian over a period of five years.

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