Monday, September 17, 2007


VISOKO, Bosnia (September 17,2007) – The Bosnian National Museum’s expert team has come to some very interesting finds after two weeks of research at the area of Okoliste near Visoko,which is one of the most important Neolith archaeological sites in Europe.

Archaeological work is currently in progress on one of the sondes in which the remains of a Neolith culture “Butmir 1” have been discovered.

Research at the Okoliste site has entered its fifth year and according to what has been discovered so far up to 3.000 people could have lived in this settlement, which is estimated to have existed somewhere between 4.700 and 4.500 BC.

Material discovered so far indicates that this could be the largest settlement from the Neolith age discovered in Bosnia.

Even though research at this site has been going on for five years and that the Science magazine has described as one of the most important in Europe, not a single Bosnian state institution has provided financial support for this project. It is funded solely by the German Archaeological Institute.

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