Tuesday, September 25, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 25,2007) – Andre Kujawinski, a former member of the British Battalion with UNPROFOR, has testified before the Bosnian State Court at the trial of Croatian war criminal Pasko Ljubicic.A former member of the United Nations' Peace Forces in Bosnia testified about the horrors he witnessed in Ahmici and Vitez.

The witness has told the Bosnian State Court about the killing of Bosnian civilians by the Croatian aggressor in Vitez and Ahmici in April 1993.

As part of his regular duties, former UN Peace Forces soldier Kujawinski patrolled in Vitez on 16 April 1993. He has said that, "somewhere by the road" he saw the corpses of an old man and a boy "who was approximately six years old".

"It was a horrible scene. The child had been shot in the head," Kujawinski has recalled.

Croatian war criminal Pasko Ljubicic is charged, in his capacity as a member of the Croatian aggressor's formations, with having participated in the planning of the 16 April 1993 attack on the Bosnian town of Vitez, in which "civilians were murdered and their property was destroyed".

On the same day, Kujawinski was told to visit the Bosnian village of Ahmici. He claims to have seen similar scenes in the village.

"In Ahmici the bodies of whole families – women and children – were scattered near the destroyed houses. Near one house I saw a man and a child whose had been shot in the head. A dog was licking a puddle of blood next to them," the witness said, adding that, judging by their clothes, he "guessed" the civilians were Bosnians.

The Bosnian State Prosecution also charges Croatian war criminal Ljubicic with having participated in planning and issuing of orders for the attack on Ahmici village, where more than 100 Bosnian civilians were murdered.

Kujawinski has also said that, in the vicinity of that place, he saw about 100 Croatian aggressor's soldiers in dark uniforms who were celebrating, drinking and toasting. He says that he "concluded" that they had committed the murders in Ahmici. The witness claims to have been "very furious" at the time.

"To my regret, I did not shoot at them," Kujawinski said.

The trial of Croatian war criminal Pasko Ljubicic is due to continue today, 25 September 2007.

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