Saturday, September 29, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 29,2007) – Bosnian Experience in Historical and Current European Context is the topic of the international conference which began yesterday in Sarajevo.The conference is organized by the Bosnian Pan European Union.

The conference participants, including the Bosnian officials are the International pan European Community Honorary President Archduke Otto von Habsburg and the current President Alain Terrenoire; as well as members of the Pan European Unions from several European countries. They are all discussing the issues important for the Bosnian citizens’ future. The European integrations process is in the focus.

President of the Bosnian Pan European Union Franjo Topic stated that Bosnia is not only a meeting place between the members of different ethnicities, but also a meeting place of civilizations.

Topic stated that one of the key issues for Bosnia is creating conditions for a full equality of its citizens. He added that true acceptance of the varieties is an essential part of that.

He urged all Bosnia's politicians to be more patient and wiser and to show a higher degree of responsibility regarding the future.

Our joint interest is Bosnia's membership to the EU. This was stated by a member of the Bosnian Presidency Haris Silajdzic.

He stated that there is a paradoxical possibility that Bosnia is the last country to enter the EU, because Bosnia is a paradigm of what the EU wants to become.

He warned against the fact that some retrograde ideas have resurfaced. He brought that fact to the connection with the context of the Bosnia’s recent past.

”All the past events are legalized today”, Silajdzic said and added that it is a bad message. He emphasized that the International Community is responsible for the current political situation in Bosnia.

The International community's High Representative in Bosnia Miroslav Lajcak greeted the participants. He emphasized that the EU has given a clear message to Bosnia and that the union now expects this country to accept its principles and standards.

He stated again that Bosnia has no other alternative but to join the EU. This country belongs there both geographically and economically,Lajcak emphasized.

”Bosnia's political leaders have a choice – the European way or isolation”, Lajcak said and expressed expectation that Bosnia's politicians will show more understanding and responsibility in the process of fulfilling the obligations necessary for signing of the Stabilisation and association Agreement (SAA) with the European Union..

Archbishop Vinko Puljic urged for tolerance of coexistence in Bosnia and implementation of equality principles.

He urged the International Community representatives to advocate the same attitudes and opinions here as they do in the EU.

The international conference continues and is expected to end late in the afternoon.

The Robert Schuman Foundation is a co-organizer. The Bosnian Direction for European Integrations, the Bosnian Parliament and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation also greatly contributed in organizing this conference.

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