Sunday, September 16, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 16,2007) – The Bosnian government discussed in Sarajevo the Bill on Medicines and Medical Funds. The Bill will be possibly adopted in the course of the following session, the reason being the necessity of additional consultations. Also, the Bosnian Ministry of Civil Affairs is to consider the suggestions proposed during the discussion.

Platform for Negotiations and Signing of Memorandum of Understanding on Institutional Frame for Initiative for Readiness and Prevention of Disasters in the Southestaern Europe was also in the procedure.The Bosnian Ministry of Safety will send the Platform for Negotiations to the Bosnian Presidency for further procedure. Samir Agic, Advisor to the the Bosnian Minister of Safety will sign the Memorandum.

the Bosnian Minister of Safety Tarik Sadovic stated at a press conference after the session that the memorandum will advance the cooperation in the region and will create conditions for realization of concrete projects such are the training and equipment of civil protection structures.

The Bosnian Council of Ministers determined Platform for Negotiations for the purpose of signing the Agreement of Military Grants between Bosnia and Turkey. The Bosnian Ministry of Defence will send the Platform for Negotiations to the Bosnian Presidency for further procedure. Igor Crnadak, Deputy Minister of Defence will sign the Agreement.

Sadovic said that the agreement will enable the implementation of Turkish government’s donation of 850.000 Bosnian Marks. The donation is aimed to equip BiH Armed Forces and the Turkish company ASELSAN provided the implementation program.

The Bosnian Council of Ministers approved the Bosnian Agency for Safety of Food initiation of procedure for fulltime membership to the Codex Alimentarius Commission.Bosnia is currently an observer in the Association.

The Council also passed a decision on using the 250.000 Bosnian Marks of budget reserves for purchase of the ear tags to mark the cattle.

Sadovic, answering the journalist’s question if the Council of Ministers discussed the Proposal of Agreement on Cooperation between the Bosnian Council of Ministers and the Bosnian Interreligious Council, Sadovic said that that was one of the proposals to the agreement offered by the Council of Ministers Chairman Spiric.

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