Thursday, August 30, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (August 30,2007) – Leaders and representatives of the four ruling parties in the FBIH Entity (SDA,SBIH, HDZBiH and HDZ1990),the FBIH Entity Prime minister Nedzad Brankovic and representatives of six parliamentary caucuses agreed at a meeting in Sarajevo at the SDA Party headquarters to ensure a better coordination of the FBIH Entity executive and legislative authorities in order to adopt 19 laws during September. Some of the laws have already been sent to the parliamentary procedure.

Presidents of the SDA,SBIH and HDZ BiH parties, Sulejman Tihic, Haris Silajdzic and Dragan Covic attended, while Damir Ljubic represented that HDZ 1990 party.

The FBIH Entity Prime minister Brankovic told the press after the meeting that September is immensely important for the FBIH Entity Parliament because the fiscal year is coming to an end and preparations should be made for the following budget year.

The laws that are to be adopted are in the field of fiscal policy; including the Law on Income Tax and Law on Benefits; as well as the privatization policy document and budget rebalance prepared by the FBIH Entity Government.

”In this way, we can control all the processes in order to realize the issues defined by the Government’s mandatory program. That means introducing a new stage of development”, Brankovic said.

He emphasized that such meetings do not mean that the FBIH Entity Parliament is ignored, for it is a well-known fact that the parties which participated at the meeting are the parliamentary majority.

He also emphasized that the FBIH Entity Parliament will have many an activity during September, for there are many laws that have been placed to the parliamentary procedure. The main goal is to prepare the FBIH entity budget for 2008 in later October.

Representatives of the parties also talked about the measures the FBIH Entity Government can take because of the bread prices growth.

Brankovic said that the Government only possesses stocks for emergency situations, which means 15.000 tons of crops and purchase of new stocks. the FBIH Entity Government is not the owner of capital in any bakery and cannot control prices.

Dragan Covic, HDZ BiH President said that the topic was ways of coordination of the FBIH entity executive and legislative authority so that certain laws are passed in September.

President of the SBiH Haris Silajdzic emphasized that one must make sure that the coordination between the FBIH Entity Government and Parliament is ensured.

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