Wednesday, August 29, 2007


UNITED NATIONS, New York (August 29,2007) - The Bosnian President Željko Komšić met with Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General and discussed the current social and political situation in Bosnia and the region.

They also talked about the first letter’s content sent by President Komšić and a member of the Bosnian Presidency Haris Silajdžić to the UN Secretary-General, as well as about the precise views of UN in relation to all open issues, first of all about Srebrenica.

"In Srebrenica, the UN was ineffective in preventing genocide,"Komsic said.

"In the FBIH Entity Serbs do not have the same rights as Bosniaks and Croats. In the RS Entity, Bosniaks and Croats do not have the same rights as Serbs. You cannot have a democratic country with such discrimination,",he said.

President Komsic also noted that "a Jew or person classified as other, who does not list his nationality, cannot be a member of the Bosnian Presidency."

Komsic said that further back, under (former Yugoslavia's communist dictator) Josip Broz Tito, rights of individuals and groups had been protected, and that this was the directly that Bosnian Constitutional reform should now be moving in.

President Komsic is slated to visit a Bosnian diaspora community in St. Louis on August 30. Then it's back to the region. Komsic also said that if Kosova independence were unilaterally declared, Bosnia would follow the position of the European Union and NATO.

In fact, Komsic said, the current tensions in the Southeastern Europe could all be relegated to the past when EU membership extends throughout the region. For Bosnia, reform of the police sector is a prerequisite, with borders and the multi-ethic character of the force still to be negotiated.

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